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About Us

Hunan Furui Biopharma Technology Co., Ltd. is founded in February 2017, located in Xiangtan city, Hunan province. It covers an area of 61300 ㎡ , with a total investment of RMB 200 million. Our main business is R&D, production and sales of special APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates. We also provide customized processing and R&D services for customers. The products have the characteristics of great difficulty in R&D, high technical barriers and unique production process. 

We have a strong capability of R&D so that we can provide customers with a variety of special products ranging from grams to kilograms and tons. We can handle the reaction ranging from -100℃ to 300℃. The capability of R&D is our core competitiveness. We maintain high investment in R&D every year. In addition, we have a R&D center in Shanghai and maintain good cooperation with many universities and research institutes.

It is our specialty to transform the R&D achievement into industrial production within the specified time according to the requirements. At present, we mainly provide APIs and its intermediates for treating liver diseases, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, and high-end fluorine products and customized processing services.

Our goal is to realize the integration and upgrade of pharmaceutical intermediates, APIs and preparations and to realize health service and brand building. We not only provide our customers with the best pharmaceutical and chemical products, but also create value for our customers.

Integrity and win-win is our basic strategic principle.

Hotline+86-731-52821121Add:Add: Southeast side of Xianglian Road and Yangliu Road, Tianyi Economic development zone, Xiangtan